Trip of Preah Krou Vipassana Keo Hong in Cambodia during June & July 2012
Gratefulness Ceremony for Preah Krou Vipassana Keo Hong

Perspectives :
Cambodian citizens of both sex as well as the world population love peace, prosperity and wisdom. They obligate to study both Dhamma (living righteousness) and worldly teachings (secularism) following the teachings of Lord Buddha which mainly focus on non-violence, tolerance, peace, hospitality, loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic-joy and equanimity etc to enhance "codes of livings"

Missions :

  • Establishing school of Vipassana (Insight Meditation) to instruct and guide all beings to do good, avoid all evils and cleanse one own mind in accordance to the path of Lord Buddha in order to cultivate patience and calmness. This can bring us prosperity and peace in the society.
  • Organizing and disseminating the messages of enhancing social ethics and harmony through:
    a). Explaining and interacting directly to the participants.
    b). Preparing the mini classes for everybody in either inside or outside the Center.
    c). Forming the initiative works by sending educated Buddhist monks to abroad and welcoming all foreign visitors who wish to practice meditation in our center.
  • Offering alms food to monks, nuns and laypeople who are practicing Meditation in the Center.
  • Building a nursing home to take care and provide health aids to both domestic and international associations, communities and institutes as the treatment to those people who are studying/practicing Dhamma.
  • Establishing an Extraordinary Pali and Sanskrit Language School, and also national and international literature.

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